Wildlife conservation in urban environment | Bialystok 2021

The primary goal of the 1st International Discussion Forum is to facilitate the exchange of valuable information between scientists, naturalists involved in wildlife protection, local government representatives, housing cooperatives, and representatives of the private sector (e.g., urban planners, landscape architects). This exchange will include up-to-date, practical, effective, and safe solutions to protect and manage urban nature. We will focus on issues concerning wildlife protection and how to share urban space with animals, especially birds who often become part of a conflict between man and nature.


The first edition of the Forum will cover issues regarding the use of a city’s infrastructure by animals for living/breeding, collisions with anthropogenic objects, and the management of nature-friendly habitats in urban areas. As part of the planned workshops, we will present effective methods of protecting buildings against collisions with animals, learn how to
create urban meadows, and discuss how to maintain urban bird populations with falconry methods.


Main topics for the discussion: wildlife in urban environments | urban meadows | animal collisions with anthropogenic structures | urban wildlife as microbiological hazard | falconry bird control | urban bird feeders | wildlife conservation | urban ecology